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Mike Armando is a jazz/blues/funk guitarist who plays straight from the heart with rhythmic sincerity and genuine sensitivity 
Artt Frank drummer for the late Chet Baker.

CD Review

All About Jazz. - Cruising, catchy and off the beaten track. Hipster chic.
The Count Down contain great unique compositions and playing; I really appreciate the various techniques you explore with your music and on the guitar. In "Rainbow Sunset," I really enjoyed the playing; outstanding feel, very nice melody, interesting arrangement, great guitar sound, and the music is enjoyable and creative.

Based: New York
Music: Jazz/blues/funk
Label: mja
Contact: mjajazz@optonline.net
All About Jazz
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Mike Armando
Mike Armando was the guitarist for Screamin' Jay Hawkins during the 1970's. ( I Put A Spell On You). In 1976 Screamin' Jay Hawkins suffered facial injuries when he was burned by one of his flaming props while performing with his guitarist Mike Armando at the Virginia Theater in Alexandria, Va. During the concert Screamin' Jay Hawkins had to be rushed off stage. Jay kept Screamin to Mike “keep on playing”. Mike shared the stage with major musical acts such as 5 Satins, Critters, Marveletts, Bobby Lewis, Velon’s, Scott Mckenzie and many more. Mike has produced 15 CDs on the mja label with such artists as Grammy award winner Fred Lipsius, from Blood Sweet & Tears, Nancy Monroe, David Allan Gross, Chris Clark. Pat Morrissey, Artt Frank. One of the tracks from Fred Lipsius, mja release's "Better Believe It" was released and distributed throughout the world on MCA Records. mja recording artist, Artt Frank who was the drummer for the late great Chet Baker was inducted into the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame on November 16, 2010. Mike Armando was the producer for all of Artt's three CD's.
Mike Armando's years of being the guitarist for Screamin' Jay Hawkins during the 1970's has been written about in a book written by author Steve Bergsman titled "I Put A Spell On You: The Bizarre Life of Screamin' Jay Hawkins" The book is published by Feral House. 

Mike has worked with other great musician's in his recording and musical career with the likes of Eddie Gomez, Marcus McLaurine, Michael Cochrane, Mike Stern, drumming great Bob Moses who recorded on the mja release David Alan Gross "The Final Answer to Everything".  Bob Moses  has recorded on two of Mike Armando's latest CD releases, In The Moment and The Countdown on mja Records. One of Mike's first Recordings Half Steppen was rated one of the top ten records on radio playlist in Bill Board Magazine. Mike Armando has worked with Actress Sharon Stone along with drumming great Artt Frank on his CD release, Waltz for Sharon Stone.  Mike was the producer for Artt's CD.
Jazz/Blues guitarist Mike Armando has paid his dues several times over. And you can hear it in his playing. My one time contemporary, Charlie Bird Parker once said, “You can’t play it if you haven’t lived it.” When you listen to Mike, you’ll will know from the very first note that he lived what he plays. There’s a seasoned unfiltered quality in his phrasing that awakens our ears to his affinity for the real deal form of jazz. With Mike, its all about feeling, just as it was with all of the great players of the past, and the few greats who are on the scene today. The sounds Mike has taken in and absorbed through the years didn’t come from any music school class, but straight from his life’s experiences, and from hanging around the great jazz clubs in New York City; and being able to see some of the greats perform up close and personal. Mike has a way of drawing his listeners in and making them a personal part of what he and his group are playing. Mike has surrounded himself with some really fine jazz musicians.
                                                                             Artt Frank - drummer for the late great Chet Baker.




Screamin' Jay Hawkins

The Resurrection Band

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